Great things happen when you combine your voice data with Microcall analytics.

Microcall analyzes & clarifies complicated voice data and produces easy-to-read dashboards to improve employee productivity, manage the voice infrastructure, reduce expenses, and improve operational efficiency.

Turn Raw Data into Actionable Insights

Microcall analyzes complex data from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, and any kind & any number of voice platforms (On-premise, Cloud, Session Border Controllers), and creates clear, understandable call reporting & dashboards for managers to make quick and accurate business decisions.

Visualize & Analyze

Microcall creates easy to visualize dashboards that provide real-time and historical call reporting analytics on employee productivity, call quality, voice traffic, cost allocation, toll fraud, and more.


Microcall makes cradle-to-grave searches easy and sends real-time alerts for notification of SIP capacity issues, improper routing, voice usage irregularities, customer service levels, as well as employee abuse and misuse.