Discover Micro-Tel Incorporated: Over 40 Years of Call Reporting Expertise and Innovation with Microcall

We are industry experts! We started out in 1979 to create easy-to-use call reporting solutions that help companies solve their most complicated business challenges and we haven’t stopped since!


Our Microcall solution stands the test of time (over 4 decades) and is utilized in every size organization, across every industry, from around the globe. Today, Microcall is one of the most recognized and widely used solution to improve employee productivity, pinpoint system inefficiencies, reduce expenses, and manage overall voice operations.

We not only focus on continually adding innovative features to Microcall, we focus on solving problems with clarity. We always start with the questions, “what do customers want/need?” and “how do we make it easy for them?” 

We have an in-depth understanding of varying customer needs, we have strong Developer Partner relationships, we have 40 years+ of industry experience, and we continue to enhance and develop using the latest technology. The result is our robust and scalable Microcall solution that delivers fast results with the best user experience possible.

You matter

We don’t just provide customers with the highest level of support, we partner with our customers. We have always believed that we work better together – alongside our customers. We are dedicated to listening to what each customer wants to achieve and we help them get there in the quickest way possible.

Everything is Possible

Our industry experience is your benefit! We share with each customer our strong knowledge & deep expertise gained from working with thousands of different customers across every industry.  We work closely with all customers to ensure their Microcall solution is properly implemented with successful results. Consultation, remote software implementation, training, system audits, and on-going support services are all included free of charge!

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