Microcall Call Accounting and Analytics for Webex Calling by Cisco

Microcall Analytics for Webex Calling by Cisco

Microcall intuitive real-time dashboards provide comprehensive call analytics for Webex Calling and CUBE used for a cloud and/or local Webex gateway

  • Call Accounting & Cost Allocation
  • Hunt Group Dashboards
  • Instant Toll Fraud Alerts
  • Cradle-Grave Call Tracing
  • Call Quality / MOS Dashboards
  • PSTN and Local Gateway Traffic Analytics
  • Peak Usage / Max Concurrent Calls
  • CUBE & SBC Reporting

Microcall Cisco Partnership

Microcall integrates with Webex Calling, all versions of Cisco including, Unified Communications Manager, Express, and CUBE. To ensure continued Cisco compatibility, Micro-Tel is a Registered Cisco Developer and Microcall is Cisco approved and Cisco certified. Microcall earned the “Cisco-compatible” status by stringent testing of the Microcall solution at Cisco’s test labs through the Cisco IVT program where Microcall successfully received Cisco certification. The Microcall Development team also takes advantage of the knowledge gained from the Cisco solutions utilized at the Micro-Tel corporate offices, our Cisco in-house test lab, and from supporting thousands of Cisco customers since 2001.

How to get started

You can learn more, here, and also by visiting our WebEx Partners page.

For Cisco UCM:

To use Microcall for Cisco UCM analytics, you will need a working UCM solution with system admin access and any number of licensed calling users. 

For Webex Calling:

To use Microcall for Webex Calling analytics, you will need a working Webex organization including the Webex ProPak option, Webex Control Hub (system admin) access and any number of licensed calling users. 

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