Microcall Galleries

Galleries offer managers dynamic, customizable reports without the complexity of new portals. Bookmarkable URLs grant direct access to real-time and historical graphical data, enhancing informed decision-making. Only available in Release 9.0

Introducing Galleries

How can you provide critical, actionable information to managers that maximizes ease of access and allows for information self service?

Emailing static reports is helpful but tend to generate more questions than they answer. Giving managers access to a portal provides more information, but managers don’t need yet another portal to learn and log into.

Galleries is The Best of Both Worlds 

  • Microcall Admins can design a Gallery, and then push this interactive Gallery to other managers via email.
  • Managers can bookmark a url the gives them direct access to a customized report for their group.
  • This graphical report can have real time data and historical data.
  • The graphs are not static but can support drill-downs into the underlying data.
  • Galleries are pre-configured so you can quickly modify default options rather than starting from scratch.

Galleries are now available only from Microcall in release 9.0.  Let us show you Galleries in a live demonstration today. 

Overview of Galleries

Hover over the + callouts to get a brief look at just a few of the many features introduced with Microcall Galleries.

Historical views for all members of your group.
Real-time call views for all members of your group.
NEW KPI window can show both historical and real-time KPI’s for any group in a customizable summary view.
Hour Of Day views of your group help with staffing and scheduling decisions.
Combined Meeting/Call Dashboards deliver a holistic view of time spent with customers.
Click on ANY item to drill-down and view the underlying data.
main traffic gallery
Dial Peer Summary shows all a summary of traffic through each unique dial peer, and we can click on any dial peer to get analytics (monthly totals, daily totals, etc.).
Show totals for each protocol, and we can drill down into any protocol to get analytics on that protocol.
Great troubleshooting tool. Simply click on a SIP Status message do drill down and troubleshoot calls with that status.
Shows max concurrent calls for the last 7 days (could be last 30 days) to monitor SIP trunk and ensure you are sized correctly. Alerts can automatically notify you when a user-defined usage threshold is crossed.
Shows the most active DID’s in your organization. Drill down into any number to see daily/monthly totals, which internal groups they reach, etc.
Call Quality views enable us to not only see the overall call quality for this trunk, but we can click on a bad MOS rating to troubleshoot the calls with inferior quality.