Advanced Call Management Features for Your Entire Voice Infrastructure


Automate corporate hierarchy changes through the power of Active Directory, HR systems & more.

Active Directory Authentication

Single sign-on dashboard access secured through Active Directory Authentication.

Automated Operation

Data collection, alerts, report distribution, third-party integration – all automated for effortless operation.

Auto-Refresh Dashboards

Reveal issues quickly with dynamic dashboards that continually refresh with new stats for the most up-to-date analysis.

Online Directory

Accurate & continually updated company directory with easy lookups to locate employees.

Unlimited Reports / Access

The power to create unlimited dashboards with unlimited user access.

Unlimited Instant Alerts

Easily manage voice infrastructure by creating instant notifications of system failures, toll fraud, emergency 911 calls, improperly routed calls, poor call quality, and more.

Equipment Inventory

Track, manage, assign, and bill back for company equipment.

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