Enterprise Call Management with Microcall’s Comprehensive Voice Reporting Solutions

Learn what’s happening in your voice infrastructure.

SIP / Concurrent Call Analytics

Accurate analysis of “all things SIP” from SIP bandwidth deployment, peak concurrent calls, to SIP licensing requirements. 


Instant alerts for notification of irregularities, system failures, potential toll fraud, emergency 911 calls, down trunks, improper call routing, and more.


Identify hard-to-detect call quality issues (Jitter, Packet Loss, Latency, MOS rating, R Factor) often attributed to the speed and performance of the network. 

Session Border Controller Traffic

Get a clear picture of how calls are routed in/out and to/from your session border controllers and voice platforms for optimal cradle-to-grave analysis. 

  • Identify when SIP trunks reach their maximum concurrent conversations.
  • Alerts when overflow or disaster recovery trunks are utilized.
  • Review Ingress and Egress paths to better understand how calls are routing.
  • Determine which trunks have the capacity to handle new traffic from new locations.
  • Confirm if carriers are load balancing correctly.

Employee Productivity

Real-time views of employee productivity whether in the office or working from home.

KPI Analytics

Interactive & real-time employee stats at your fingertips.

Work from Anywhere

Real-time views of employee productivity whether working in the office or from home.

Employee / Departmental Stats

All the details associated with employee activity with a rollup to group totals.

Hunt Group/Call Center

Real-time views & KPI’s to measure the efficiency of agents, employees, and groups, as a whole.


Everything you need to create reports unique to your environment.

Ad Hoc / Cradle-to-Grave

Empower managers with access to valuable data with options to search, view, and share results with others.

Quick Searches

Quick searches on data to assist Managers / Security / HR / Compliance with IT audits, employee matters, customer complaints, legal, and other regulatory matters. 

Cradle-to-Grave Searches

One click to reveal every path a call took from the start of the call, who ended the call, and all the details in between to aid in investigating customer complaints, improperly routed calls, and more. 

Instant Alerts – E911, Toll Fraud, Troubleshoot

A comprehensive approach to traffic issues, toll fraud, abuse & employee misuse.

Emergency 911

Instant notification of Emergency 911 callers that include caller identifiers (name, extension, address, floor, etc.) so emergency crews can quickly locate the employee in need. 


Proactively receive instant alerts of system failures, improperly routed calls, poor call quality, disaster recovery, SIP trunks are down, or whatever the need. 

Toll Fraud

Create your own definition of toll fraud for instant notification of harassing/threatening calls, unexplained surges in use, excessive international calls, and more.

Call Accounting / Cost Reduction

Cost Allocation

Simply plug in the amount of total telecom cost and charges are automatically allocated to the various levels based on their total usage.


All the tools needed (rates, percentage discounts, fixed costs) to accurately bill-back to tenants, contractors, and others using your voice services.

Cost Reduction

Identify cost reduction opportunities by revealing expensive calls or services and costly improper routing.

Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, & more

Move forward with your voice journey with confidence that powerful analytics are easily achieved.

Microcall is an industry leader on its own but even more powerful when collaborating with others.

  • Integration with all Avaya Voice & Cloud solutions, including SBCE, SM, & CM
  • Cradle-to-Grave searches from answer to completion on all calls
  • SIP Entity analysis for trouble-shooting call flows
  • VDN Reporting for insight on call volumes/KPI’s for calls through each VDN
  • Max Concurrent Calls for SIP deployment
  • AD integration for simplified MAC’s

Avaya Analytics

Broaden the scope of reporting for everything you need with Avaya reporting and call analytics.


Effortless insights into the world of Cisco call reporting.

  • Integration with all Cisco Voice & Cloud solutions, including CUCM, CUBE, SME, & Webex Calling
  • Peak Concurrent Calls to verify correct SIP licensing on trunks
  • Cradle-to-Grave searches from answer to completion on all calls
  • Gateway analysis to demonstrate if calls are routed properly
  • Route Point analysis reveals call traffic to each Route Point (Hunt Group, Call Center, etc.) and where they go
  • AD integration for simplified MAC’s
  • Ad hoc searches on ALL call activity
  • Ad hoc reporting for managers at each level of the organization
  • Summary & detailed dashboards for Auto Attendants, Call Queues, Departments, etc. 
  • Manage DID Assignments and report on DID Usage
  • Cost Allocation back to Regions, Locations, Cost Centers, & Departments
  • Alerts for Toll Fraud, Emergency 911, Trouble-shooting issues

Microsoft Teams

Enterprise analytics and deep dives into Microsoft Teams

Cloud Solutions

Search, view, & create reports from nearly all voice platforms and cloud solutions including, Webex Calling, Zoom, 8×8, Ring Central, and more.

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