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Turn Raw Data into Actionable Insights

Microcall analyzes complex data from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, and any kind & any number of voice platforms (On-prem or Cloud voice solutions, and Session Border Controllers) and creates clear, understandable dashboards for managers to make quick and accurate business decisions.

Can your company afford to be without Microcall? We don’t think so and have thousands of customers that utilize Microcall to manage their voice infrastructure, improve employee productivity, and reduce expenses. 

Because companies, educational institutions, and government facilities often have different needs, Microcall includes all comprehensive features that are ready to implement to address your specific environment/needs. 

Manage your voice infrastructure for greater efficiency

Gaining greater insight into the voice platform to improve overall operational efficiency is imperative. Microcall offers the flexibility to create your own dashboards and design instant alerts to enable managers to take immediate action with accurate information.

  • Cradle to Grave call tracing on each segment of a call and how it transitions through the voice platform to reveal improper call routing, trouble-shooting services issues, and customer service complaints.
  • SIP trunk capacity dashboards to reveal the maximum number of concurrent calls for a given period of time for SIP bandwidth deployment & on-going SIP licensing requirements.
  • Call traffic pattern dashboards to show calls that were routed ON the corporate network and OFF network and how much savings was realized by properly routing calls ON network. 
  • Call usage and routing through Route Point / Pilot # / VDN to reveal the number of calls through each specific phone number and where the call was terminated, transferred to specific departments, and more. 
  • Toll Avoidance / Tail-End Hop-Off Analysis to avoid charges associated with toll calls that should have been properly routed through remote gateways as local calls. 
  • Unified reporting and unified searches on all calls from all voice platforms from a single source, across the entire Enterprise saves time & money for trouble-shooting and managing various systems.  
  • Unused trunk circuit dashboards to eliminate unnecessary monthly charges associated with circuits that have not be used.  
  • Unused extension dashboards to locate unused equipment that can be reassigned instead of purchasing additional equipment at an additional cost.  
  • Phone service analytics to ensure the accuracy of the carrier bill. 
  • Historical usage dashboards reveal months / years’ worth of historical trends to assist with budgeting, staffing and negotiating long distance contracts.
  • Real-time analytics to easily pinpoint harassing calls, threatening calls, emergency 911, and more.

Everything needed for pre & post implementation of SIP & Session Border Controllers

As companies migrate to SIP trunks and use Session Border Controllers (SBC’s), analyzing this data becomes even more important since all the sessions that pass through a company network actually passes through the SBC. Microcall dashboards provide a clear picture of how calls are routed in/out and to/from the entire infrastructure. 

  • Determine Max Peak Usage on each trunk, multiple trunks and/or gateways.
  • Measure off-site call centers and employees that use SIP phones from their home.
  • Show maximum number of concurrent conversations on SIP trunks.
  • Discover SIP trunks that are under-utilized.
  • Follow calls “cradle-to-grave” from the voice platform through the SBC to confirm that calls are routed correctly.
  • Analyze Backend SIP calls that route to third party vendors for customer service/help desk calls.
  • Determine which trunks have the capacity to handle new location additions.
  • Confirm if carriers are load balancing correctly.
  • Analyze existing TDM trunk activity to determine how moving that traffic to SIP will impact existing SIP trunks.
  • Identify “Most Expensive” calls and the employees responsible for them.
  • Allocate all voice expenses back to groups responsible for the services. 
  • Reconcile long distance bills to check for inaccuracies.
  • Spot overuse of costly services such as “Information 411” or “900 calls”.
  • Review historical billing information to assist with budgeting and negotiating phone service contracts.
  • Allocate current costs to internal Tenants for their portion of the phone bill.

Easy allocation/bill back of expenses to Departments, Divisions, & Cost Centers

Microcall offers a variety of costing options (fixed costs, percentages, actual rates, trunk costs, and more) to accurately allocate phone expense back to departments, cost centers, clients, contractors, etc., and also assists with confirming the accuracy of phone service providers.

Built-in monitoring for Fraud Detection & Identification

No matter how secure the network, the possibility of toll fraud still exists. Microcall contains built-in instant alerts that help to determine potential fraud (before expenses escalates) with the ability to design your own instant alerts to custom-fit notification for your specific environment.

  • Instantly identify a harassing caller made minutes ago.
  • Instant notifications when employees dial ‘Emergency 911’ along with all the location details of the caller in need. 
  • Identify unexplained surges in use.
  • Pinpoint increases in calls after business hours and on weekends.
  • Identify long duration calls highlighting issues such as stuck trunks, employee misuse, modems that do not disconnect, etc.
  • Highlight International calls and / or Countries with high call volumes.
  • Instant alerts when Disaster Recovery trunks are utilized.
  • Instant alerts when PRI or SIP trunks are down.
  • Instant alerts when Work from Home users have low call volume.
  • Instant alerts when Emergency 911 is called.
  • Instant alerts when capacity threshold is approaching max.
  • Instant alerts when calls are incorrectly routed Off Network.
  • Instant alerts when load balanced trunks are not balanced.
  • Instant alerts with SBC’s are not carrying traffic.

Instant Alerts to Monitor System Efficiency

Microcall makes it simple to manage the voice infrastructure by continually monitoring call traffic for any system failures/inefficiencies and sending instant alerts for immediate resolution.

Increase Employee Productivity

Whether employees are working in an office or from home, Microcall provides endless analytics and real-time dashboards to manage employee/sales groups and call centers to encourage overall productivity.

  • View real-time, auto refresh dashboards for up-to-the-second employee calling activity.
  • Reveal the number of “cold calls” made by the sales staff.
  • View, benchmark, and trend – peak hours, abandoned calls, durations, ring times, call counts, and more.
  • Obtain employee call summary by department/employee/extension.
  • Review busy hour departmental activity by each hour of day to help with scheduling/staffing.
  • Longest Calls reveals unusually long calls by department/employee.
  • Key Customer Alerts triggers an e-mail for calls made to, or received from, certain customers.
  • Regional Sales Report shows sales people who made/received calls from outside their territory.
  • Inbound Call Summary by State shows inbound calls by state, illustrating WHERE callers are calling FROM.
  • Key Customer Call Reports: Are employees spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with certain customers? If so, it may mean that a particular employee is not managing the accounts effectively. Or, it could signal a customer that is dissatisfied with your product or service and may require management intervention. There may also be employees who spend too little time with certain customers and these customers are not receiving the proper time and attention they require.
  • Call Tracking Reports: Analyzing Ring Times, Abandoned Calls, Shared Lined Activity, and more, detailing how calls are handled and how this impacts the customer experience.
  • Which employees are letting calls roll over to voice mail?
  • Do Not Call lists: Reviewing employee calls and having the ability to perform instant searches helps to guard against escalating fines associated with ‘Do Not Call’ lists.
  • Hourly Call Monitoring: Identifying the busiest hours of the day assists with appropriate employee scheduling and staffing.
  • Are people calling directly in to the Hunt Group, or are they being transferred from another department?

Improve Customer Service

Constantly monitoring employee interaction with customers is the key to providing the highest level of customer service and retaining customers. Microcall’s unlimited reporting and desktop dashboards are invaluable to managers who oversee a specific call center or all employees throughout the entire organization.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Microcall provides instant answers on current and historical data that will assist with any type of regulatory compliance issues such as: IT Audits, employee matters, customer interaction disputes, contact centers compliance, trading & financial regulations, and historical data for potential litigation, just to name a few.

  • Customer interaction call searches for internal compliance, customer order verification, stock trades, and Government grant compliance.
  • Specific Phone Number Searches to see who dialed specific phone numbers for litigation investigation and HR employee matters.
  • Excessive Inbound Calls from patients / clients / customers / suppliers.
  • Contact Center Report on calls made to “Do Not Call” compliance lists.
  • Union worker “call-in” reports to document employee absence.
  • Union worker seniority call-out verification.
  • Archived data for regulatory specified period of time.
  • Corporate-wide reporting efforts to prove your organization’s compliance.
  • Quick Search – simple browser access for immediate searches on phone number, extension or employee name.
  • Auto-refresh Dashboards – dashboards that continually and automatically refresh with new data (in seconds) for the most up-to-date stats.
  • AD Authentication – authenticates report access through Active Directory for simplified user-restrictions and no passwords required.
  • Desktop Dashboards – real-time desktop views, real-time results. 
  • Snapshot & Share Views – simply click on an icon to share your desktop view with others.
  • Unlimited Browser Access – unlimited users with unlimited browser reporting access.
  • Automated Email Distribution – automated emailed reports; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and on-demand.
  • Report Generator – Unlimited Reports / Dashboards, simple to create and save, for automatic distribution.

Unlimited Access to Data/Searches

When it comes to getting valuable information into the hands of the managers, Microcall makes it quick, easy, and automated. Users have multiple options for accessing, viewing, and sharing reports.