Comprehensive Cisco CUCM CRD Reporting

Cisco UCM users need a simple, yet in-depth, reporting solution to effectively manage their overall communications. Microcall offers an innovative approach to reporting by utilizing the many ‘non-standard’ fields provided by the Cisco solution like: MAC Address, Shared-Line, Device Pool, etc., along with traditional reporting. This unique method to data consolidation delivers comprehensive reporting that spans from Enterprise voice traffic analysis, to corporate-wide managerial reporting, to departmental and call center reporting.

Microcall Cisco Reporting

Microcall offers unlimited reports and includes reporting specific to Cisco such as:

  • SIP Reporting illustrates capacity requirements (bandwidth) for SIP deployment.
  • Concurrent Calls determines usage at trunk, department, location, call center, etc.
  • CUBE reporting for Enterprise-edition.
  • Cradle-to-Grave tracks calls from answer to completion (for all calls, not just those in the call center).
  • Termination code shows which side hung up (terminated) the call.
  • Gateway Analysis demonstrates if calls are routed properly.
  • Route Point shows how many calls come in to each Route Point and includes cradle-grave view of call.
  • Shared Line reports show usage for entire shared line AND for individual members of the Shared Line.
  • Abandoned Calls determines when and where calls are abandoned.
  • Missed Tail-End Hop-Off identifies opportunities for Toll Avoidance.
  • Cost Allocation distributes related costs back to Regions/Cost Centers/etc.
  • Hunt Group Dashboards displays extension summary & detail for a Hunt Group.
  • Ring Time shows average ring time by employee, department, etc.
  • Device Type displays hard phone, soft phone, iPhone, etc., usage.
  • Ad-Hoc searches for specific extensions, employees, agents to see ALL call activity, including internal, inbound and outbound on the same report.

Automated, Cisco Directory Integration

Microcall communicates directly with Cisco UCM so that Moves/Adds/Changes made within Cisco UCM are automatically reflected in Microcall.  Company detail like: User ID, User Name, Extension Number, Email Address, Department, Location, etc., makes Microcall reports more meaningful with detailed user information and, one-point-entry for MAC’s simplifies system administration.

Microcall Cisco Partnership

Microcall interfaces with all versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Express. To ensure continued Cisco compatibility, Micro-Tel is a Registered Cisco Developer and the Microcall Telemanagement solution is Cisco approved and Cisco certified. Microcall earned the “Cisco-compatible” status by stringent testing of the Microcall solution at Cisco’s test labs through the Cisco IVT program where Microcall successfully received Cisco certification. The Microcall Development team also takes advantage of the knowledge gained from the Cisco UCM solution at the Micro-Tel corporate offices, our Cisco in-house test lab, and from supporting thousands of Cisco customers since 2001.

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