Traffic / SIP Analytics

Learn what’s happening in your voice infrastructure.

SIP / Concurrent Call Analytics

Accurate analysis of “all things SIP” from SIP bandwidth deployment, peak concurrent calls to SIP licensing requirements. 


Instant alerts of irregularities, system failures, potential toll fraud, emergency 911 calls, down trunks, improper call routing, and more.


Identify hard-to-detect call quality issues (Jitter, Packet Loss, Latency, MOS rating, R Factor) often attributed to the speed and performance of the network. 

Session Border Controller Traffic

Get a clear picture of how calls are routed in/out and to/from your session border controllers and voice platforms for optimal cradle-to-grave analysis. 

  • Identify when SIP trunks reach their maximum concurrent conversations.
  • Alerts when overflow or disaster recovery trunks are utilized.
  • Review Ingress and Egress paths to better understand how calls are routing.
  • Determine which trunks have the capacity to handle new traffic from new locations.
  • Confirm if carriers are load balancing correctly.